15 Days Classical Dance Workshop at Utkal Bhavan


The city’s dance lovers discover the essence of classical dance in a ballet workshop. A 15-day workshop is organized for the city’s dance lovers at Utkal Bhavan. The workshop started on Wednesday.

Students learn the basics of classical Indian dance. The classical dance form is innovative and enjoyable. Small things are explained by movements and expressions. The workshop is organized by the Chetanya Socio Cultural Society, Bhopal.

During the workshop, students are able to explore the finesse of classical dance. Students also explore the various themes of ballet, plays, and other cultural elements and learn the very concept of staging them. Artists prepare with an emphasis on the creative style of dance, folk, theater and music.

Here on Wednesday, ballet expert Shruti Kirti Batik spoke to attendees about contemporary dance moves. The workshop is based on musical drama. No less than 14 aspirants take part in this workshop.

Notably, a 15-day ballet workshop is held for aspirants to learn ballet form properly. Dance lovers in the city enjoy the workshop as they can explore different dance styles which are mostly used in theaters.

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