5 best potty training toys to get your child excited about using the toilet


Teaching your child to use the toilet is a separate experience from “everything works”, which is why you may find yourself letting your child run around naked for a weekend with pee pads all over your carpets. But no matter which potty training method you use, you’ll likely need to call in reinforcements in the form of unique M&Ms, potty training episodes featuring their favorite characters, stickers or any of the potty training toys on this list. And while potty training can be messy and frustrating, it’s also a milestone worth celebrating – if your child is pressured into using the potty by owning a sand-pooping ‘Turdle’ doll. pink, so by all means…

On this list, you’ll find smart potty training toys that help take the difficult and essential first step of getting your child to sit or stand near the toilet for more than a few seconds. All of the toys on the list have four or more stars on Amazon and over 1000 reviews, which means you don’t have to wade through pages and pages of mediocre toys because we’ve done the work for you.

There is something here that will help you help your child learn to finally use the potty. Read on to learn more about the top rated potty training toys you can find on Amazon.

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A turtle pooping

Advantages: The Raw Factor is a hit with the kids; it’s interactive

The inconvenients: Pink powder can be messy

Look, no one said potty training was glamorous, and yes, you could end up with a “Turdle” pooping a pink, sand-like substance in her own toilet. Honestly, whatever works. The Little Live Pets Gotta Go Turdle features a toilet-trained turtle named Shelbert who repeats everything she hears (which is always a hit). There’s an on/off switch at the bottom, and when you give Shelbert his pink sandy food, he sings the song ‘Uh oh gotta go’ then, accompanied by really realistic sound effects, poops in the toilet. Yes, it’s weird and rude. Yes, it also entices children and is a fun toy to take to the bathroom. It is also available as a flamingo potty toy.

Exam: “My grandson wouldn’t go potty at all, now that we put him in the bathroom he constantly wants to “go potty with his turtle”.


A ‘Daniel Tiger’ potty training toy

Advantages: Children love to sing, batteries are included

The inconvenients: Noisy

If your child is a fan of Daniel Tiger’s neighborhoodthen you’re probably all too familiar with Daniel’s potty song (If you have to go potty, stop! And go right away) but, as with most of Daniel’s tracks, it offers some pretty solid guidance. The Daniel Tiger’s neighborhood Potty Time Toy sings the popular tune and relies on the idea that you shouldn’t wait for your body to tell it needs relief. Also, the toilet makes a flushing sound when the kids press the handle, the toilet paper spins, and Daniel’s sweater and shoes come off. It’s a fun toy to keep in the bathroom so kids have something to do while they’re sitting on the potty.

Exam: “It got my daughter into the bathroom and she at least wanted to try potty training. Sometimes all she wants to do is play with it and not potty herself.


A potty play set

Advantages: Helps introduce kids to potty outside of the bathroom, introduces rinsing and hand washing routine, kids can enjoy before and after the potty phase

The inconvenients: Small pieces can get lost

If you’re trying to get your child comfortable with the idea of ​​using the potty, introducing them to play can be a great idea. This plastic set of seven figures from Fisher-Price includes a baby with a towel, toothbrush, bathtub, sink and potty. The toilet seat lifts and they can ask the baby to use the potty before “washing” their hands.

Exam: “We use this toy to help teach potty training and it’s awesome! It’s so cute that when the person sits on the potty it activates the yellow spot and then when you put the seat of the toilet, it disappears as if it had been rinsed.


A potty training watch

Advantages: Easy to use, serves as a potty reminder without adult intervention

The inconvenients: Not fully water resistant

It may look like an ordinary digital watch, but it’s actually a potty training toilet timer, and it reminds your child when it’s time to go to the toilet. Part toy (because what kid doesn’t love a wrist gadget?) and part function, the watch plays music and lights up at regular intervals; you can set it to go off every 30 minutes to every three hours. It’s loud and bright enough to distract kids from what they’re doing, and parents will appreciate that they don’t have to be the ones doing the recall (aka nagging).

Exam: “Easy to set up. Easy to charge. Easy to use. My 3 year old loves it too. It lights up and plays a little tune when it’s potty time. Plus I love the fact that time is continuous unless you turn it off (it only turns off if she turned it on). I just take it off for naps and at night. This watch was essential for learning the cleanliness.


A racing car pot

Advantages: Looks like a toy, appealing to car enthusiasts who aren’t interested in the potty.

The inconvenients: Can be distracting

This potty will have them running to the toilet (hopefully). With over 26,000 reviews on Amazon, this cool jar is a family favorite. The potty lifts off so it’s easy to clean, and because it’s both a toy and a functional potty, it encourages kids to use it because it looks so good and funny. Parents will appreciate the “pee shield” which is the half-circle ridge on the side that keeps pee from splashing all over the place (your walls will thank you).

Exam: “It’s lightweight and fits my 19m child perfectly, and it’s in the 92nd percentile for weight and 98th percentile for height. It is also very easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning and disposal. The pee cover is a good height and is recessed so pee doesn’t splash all over the place and stops almost any mess unless it sits askew.

Potty training can be frustrating, but it’s also very rewarding for everyone once your child gets the hang of it. These potty training toys, all with four or more stars on Amazon, can help encourage your little one to master the potty once and for all.

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