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Costume designer Molly Rogers said she “pinched [herself] every day” while working on “And just like that”.

“It was just the dream of reuniting with everyone,” Rogers said. Variety. “Everyone knows so well [‘Sex and the City’] girls, that DNA of their clothes was really set in stone from the original show – so it was just a matter of finding new designers and seeing who’s here now…and, of course, their classic must-haves.

This isn’t the first time Rogers has entered the “Sex and the City” universe. Rogers, who serves as the costume designer for the HBO Max reboot alongside Danny Santiago, has been polishing Carrie Bradshaw’s (Sarah Jessica Parker) fashionable belted dresses and an endless supply of heels since the very beginning – working in the costume department for the original show and two subsequent films, when Patricia Field led the style of the franchise.

“And Just Like That” aired its Season 1 finale on Thursday and has yet to be renewed for a second season. The show follows the unforgettable New York girl group from “Sex and the City” – Carrie, Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) and Charlotte (Kristen Davis). Kim Cattrall did not return to the role of Samantha (although text messages in place of Cattrall’s on-screen presence suggest that Carrie and Samantha reunite in Thursday’s finale). In bringing the iconic characters to life, Rogers noted that she and Santiago work to preserve their established personalities while communicating the change and growth in the three women’s lives — including the death of Carrie’s husband, Big (Chris Noth), Miranda’s findings about him. sexuality and Charlotte learning about the gender identity journey of one of her children.

“We are all, no matter our age, learning and growing,” Rogers said. “I really appreciated that it was a story of women of that age because it’s rare. And it was about death and gender and [more]. I thought it was very thoughtful.”

When creating the style for ‘And Just Like That’, the costume department used high-end ‘Sex and the City’ classics like Dior and Chanel – while collaborating with new designers from across social media and the world. whole. Despite the new world introduced in the latest “Sex and the City” chapter, fans also found some of the franchise’s most beloved outfits and accessories – from Carrie’s Manolo blue wedding shoes to Roger’s belt, to a stunning Versace dress and an opening sequence. – white tutu inspired.

“What other show can you name that has records where… you pull out a belt called ‘Roger’ [and] people are as excited to see this prop as they are to see one of the actors? It’s like these accessories are friends too,” Rogers said. “People have such a connection to the original show – they grew up on it, or they live through reruns and they can quote from it… It was important because we had access to the Sarah Jessica archive, which we choose wisely and process [the returning looks] as “special guests”.

In addition to indulging in fan nostalgia and continuing to express the stories of Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and more through fashion, Rogers and Santiago have been tasked with bringing new character looks to the screen.” And Just Like That” – including Che Diaz (Sara Ramírez), Dr. Nya Wallace (Karen Pittman), Seema Patel (Sarita Choudhury) and Lisa Todd Wexley (Nicole Ari Parker). Rogers pointed out that Che’s signature look, for example, became their classic black attire with “chunky silver jewelry”, while Seema’s chic palette matched the “chocolate Mercedes” she traveled to in from luxury real estate appointments and to Nya’s Brooklyn-inspired wardrobe. included vibrant patterns and graphics, rich layers and Roger’s favorite tracksuit.

“Danny and I were fortunate to have [executive producer, writer and director] Michael Patrick King, who really gave us a lot of insight into all these new people,” Rogers said. “At the end of the day, they’re all New Yorkers… So that also helped tell the story.”

Still, many of Roger’s favorite looks from the show continue to be worn by Carrie. In fact, Santiago and Rogers worked extensively with Parker in preparation — and many of the show’s returning pieces came from the actor’s personal archive. To mark the Season 1 finale of “And Just Like That’s,” Rogers shared her five favorite Carrie looks from the revival series.

Rainbow sweater with white tutu for travel deli (S1 E4)

After a morning alone in her apartment a few episodes after Big’s death, Carrie ventures out into town wearing an off-the-shoulder rainbow sweater, white heeled ankle boots, and a long, flowing white tutu. . She visits a bodega (which appears to be near her old apartment) for coffee and to see a familiar face. “It was something that I think touched people’s hearts,” Rogers said. “It was not the tutu from the opening sequence of the original show. But… it’s his comfort blanket. It’s his denim jacket. It’s a crinoline, it’s a tutu – it’s the epitome of Carrie. It’s like when she comes home from the hospital [in a later episode] and the hot [Fellas] the bread boys carry her on the porch, she has a tutu and her bedroom slippers. It’s kind of a signal to the audience that “I’m in my comfort zone.”

Blue ruffled top and green skirt in a redecorated apartment (S1 E4)

After deciding to sell the apartment she and Big lived together, her house is redecorated to put it on the market. As Carrie walks around her “totally beige” apartment (and later leaves with Big’s ashes in a Barneys bag), she wears a blue ruffled Yves Saint Laurent blouse, a green vintage skirt with large pockets, a handbag pink hand and heels. “It’s so dynamic,” Rogers says. “An emerald and a turquoise – they’re such deep, saturated colors, and I absolutely loved seeing her twirl around her apartment in there.”

And just like that Carrie Costumes

Pink “dry rot” dress worn in the stairwell before hip surgery (S1 E5)

When Carrie takes Seema to visit her brownstone, she wears a pale pink “dry rot” dress, pretty blue heels, and a lace jacket. “I’m like SJ, I like something so old and vintage that it has… ‘dry rot’, [which is] this piece of clothing that’s falling apart because it’s so old,” Rogers said. “He was so old and had a hand-painted pink orchid… [But there were] strips of dead tissue clinging to their lives as she climbed the stairs, and eventually [Parker] just ripped the bottom half of this dress because it had no life left in it.

And just like that Carrie Costumes

Glittering Missoni maxi dress in the closet after hip surgery (S1 E5)

After three months of physiotherapy following her hip surgery, Carrie is ‘back in heels’. To close out the fifth episode, viewers see Carrie in her closet in a stunning, sparkly maxi dress and gold heels. “Missoni sent us this long maxi dress that we slit up the side of her leg…and she’s dancing in the light,” Rogers said. “This outfit got such a reaction online and everywhere. People were just excited. They didn’t know where she was going that night, but she was dressed up and dressed for a night out on the town.

And just like that Carrie Costumes

One-shoulder blue Kamali dress for a date with Peter (S1 E7)

With her publisher’s encouragement to date (in order to give readers a “ray of hope” in her new book), Carrie goes on a date with Peter, a man she meets online. She wears a gorgeous blue one-shoulder Kamali dress, silk jacket and heels. “Everyone went crazy for the blue one-shoulder Kamali dress,” Rogers said. “It was just a beautiful, beautiful baby blue color and she looks so chic and modern in it and threw a silk jacket over it – like it was a denim jacket, and I absolutely loved this one- the.”

And just like that Carrie Costumes

Honorable mention: Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte’s dresses at Big’s funeral (S1 E2)

Rogers also nodded to the three dresses worn by the show’s protagonists at Big’s funeral in the second episode of the season.

“I really liked the art direction we did with the three women at the funeral, it was so distinct,” Rogers said. “Carrie is there in a somewhat ballerina silhouette – a tutu, a crinoline is under her funeral dress. And she wears a discreet, but very chic hat. [Charlotte] is in Dior, which is polished and Upper East. And [Miranda] was in this wrap dress… in which we put an epaulette because Cynthia has this long, beautiful neck. And I just thought the three of them were standing together in that particular scene [was] a real magazine editorial photo. I really like that a lot.

Honorable Mention: Valentino Coral Dress with Pink Gloves on the Paris Bridge (S1 E10)

In the final episode, Carrie decides she knows where to scatter Big’s ashes – at the bridge in Paris where Big confessed his love for Carrie all those years ago.

She wears a stunning Valentino couture coral dress with off-the-shoulder puff sleeves and long pink gloves. “Sarah Jessica took one look at this dress and she said ‘bridge,'” Rogers said. “There was no other option. It reminded me of Empress Josephine…perfect for a stage in France.

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