Birds of Paradise’s Diana Silvers and Kristine Froseth on grueling ballet training


The world of ballet is notoriously relentless and competitive, and that’s perfectly summed up by Amazon Prime’s new movie. Birds of paradise.

Starring Diana Silvers and Kristine Froseth as dancers Kate Sanders and Marine Durand, he follows the pair as they vie for the chance to join the Opéra national de Paris.

The movie, which is somewhere between Black Swan and Little pretty things, sees Kate and Marine’s friendship put to the test as they realize how far they are willing to go to be successful.

In contrast, Silvers and Froseth don’t fail to gush as they talk to each other at News week, regularly complimenting each other and sharing how grateful they were to have each other’s support.

The three-month training program for Birds of paradise was quite exhausting for the couple, especially since they had to perform each dance themselves and be as good as the professionals by their side.

Diana Silvers and Kristine Froseth in “Birds of Paradise”
Amazon Prime Video

Reflecting on the process, Silvers said: “I have played very high competition tennis for 10-11 years, so dancing to that for me has been a lot to correct my body, unlearn certain muscles and relearn new muscles.

“It was a lot to reshape my whole physique, which was really hard to do in such a short time, and I was so grateful that I had so much help.”

Froseth agreed with her co-star and admitted that she had had some difficulties herself: “I was just out of the roster for some reason, I guess because I’m [hunched] all the time on my phone … so I had to work on this. And coordination, I don’t have any.

“I’ve never danced before, so it was really hard to get to know my body while absorbing all the information about the dance. I don’t know anything, it’s so much about opposition and I had struggling to put two and -two together. “

Despite Froseth’s reservations about her own dance skills, Silvers is quick to congratulate her, claiming that she “killed him” and gave a “nice” performance.

The duo added that there were “a lot of things” they found difficult, including the physical strain they were putting on.

Froseth said: “The physical aspects were really difficult. Being in the room with professional ballerinas and kind of accepting the reality of the situation that we are trying to portray their life and way of life as accurately as possible.”

Silvers added: “We were in Budapest, which is quite a distance and it was a bit isolating, which I think kind of helped with the filming of the movie.

“It was pretty tough all around. At one point I felt like I wasn’t even Diana anymore, I was Kate, and the one time I felt like I wasn’t Kate, it was when I was with Kristine in the green room because she became that very entrenched presence on set for me. “

Their shooting was cut short, however, due to the COVID pandemic, which halted production in March 2020, with only six days to shoot.

They were only able to return in August of that year, with Froseth admitting that it was difficult to take such a long hiatus after being so focused on her character Marine.

It was something Silvers had issues with as well, and both actors spoke about their mental health and body dysmorphic issues during the five months they were away from the set.

Birds of paradise again
Diana Silvers and Kristine Froseth in “Birds of Paradise”
Amazon Prime Video

“I was so scared that I gained weight, I was so scared of it,” Silvers said. “I was like ‘Oh I’m going to look bad’ and everyone was like ‘no you’re perfect’ and I was like ‘no I’m not’.

“It was really hard, and not feeling like a dancer anymore and having to try to put everything back together.”

She added, “Sitting down with that kind of material and character for so long was difficult, and it made it harder to shed Kate’s skin after the fact.”

Reflecting on his own sanity during the pandemic, Froseth said: “I don’t know if it’s body dysmorphic disorder, but I struggled a lot with body and eating issues. such an emotional time in COVID for everyone. “

Froseth and Silvers made sure to support each other during the tough times, with the former adding: “We talked all the time and I really leaned on Diana in terms of [telling her] “I feel that stuff” and she was like “Oh, I really relate to that”. We were doing reality checks with each other, and she was very supportive and just listened, so I was very grateful. “

Silvers also shared his gratitude for his co-star, adding, “Kristine is a very special person, there are no other people like Kristine. I couldn’t ask for a better partner in this movie.”

Birds Of Paradise will air exclusively on Amazon Prime Video on September 24, 2021.

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