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Mon 01/11/2021 – 11h00

ELK HORN – The Danish Village Improvement Organization (DVIO) held their annual costume competition. This year’s event was held at Kimballton Town Hall and featured all kinds of costumes, prizes and entertainment. As the kids arrived, they could munch on cookies made by Julie Andersen and be offered boxes of juice by Danielle Albert.
The costume contest started at 7:30 p.m. with prizes awarded to 4 categories including Age Groups 0-3, 4-7, 8+ and Best Group. METC donated prize bags for the 0-3 year old category, Crystal Clear Repair donated the cash prize for the 4-7 year old category and Mike’s Welding donated the cash prize for the 8 years and over category . Clark Ahrenholtz State Farm Insurance donated the Best Group Award. After the contest, the kids stayed and danced to Halloween and Dance Party music until 8:30 p.m.
• Winners of age groups 0-3: 1st place, Cowboy Lane Poldberg; 2nd place, the little old lady Katie Ann Watson; 3rd place, Jack & Tyler Petersen dinosaur duo.
• Winners in the age group 4-7: 1st place, farmer and tractor Declan Nikklasen; 2nd place, the little witch Brynn Schechinger; 3rd place, the Braxton Androy dinosaur.
• Winners in the age group 8 years and over: 1st place, Scarecrow Celina Owens; 2nd place, the sad clown Savannah Ostrus; 3rd place Zombie Boy Brock Schechinger.
• Best Group Category: How to Train Your Dragon, Gideon King, Timothy Reinhardt, Emma Reinhardt, Deborah King, Clara King, Josiah King.

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