DIY Seamless Craft Dinosaur Tail Party Favor Costume


Kids will love having their own tail at a dinosaur themed party or just roaring with these DIY dinosaur tails!

Dancing dinosaur! Dinosaur Dance! Stomp-stomp-stomp!

Kids will love having their own tail at a dinosaur themed party. Not only will it be fun for them to wear it to the party, but they can also take their tail very home, a memory of a happy time past. Talk about a ROARsome party favor!

Let me show you how to make a no-sew dinosaur tail.

A party decoration that doubles as a party gift! Source: provided.

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What do you need:

  • Fleece fabric 50 cm, width 90 cm
  • Adhesive Foam Sheets
  • 16cm hook and loop
  • The scissors
  • hot glue gun
  • Pen
  • Rule

Note: Belt lengths can be shortened for a smaller size either by cutting the fabric or folding and gluing.

For a downloadable illustrated reference guide, click here.

For the downloadable template, click here.

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DIY seamless craft dinosaur tail party favors costume |  Video

Progress picture! Source: provided.

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With reference to downloadable illustrated reference guide, draw a tail on fleece, a circle and two pieces of a belt. Cut out these four pieces.

Print it downloadable pattern to 100% and cut out the template pieces.

Trace and cut the outlines of the dinosaur plaques onto sticky foam sheets. With the remaining sheets of adhesive foam, trace and cut out batches of 3 cm and 5 cm dots.

Match the dinosaur plates – in all there are two pairs in each size. Remove the adhesive backing from the plates and glue them together. You now have six dinosaur plates.

Line up the plates, along one long side of the piece of tail fabric. Glue the plates to the tail along the flat edge. Then apply a line of glue along the entire length of the edge of the fabric. Fold the fabric tail and press the mirror edge to the glue (see below).

DIY seamless craft dinosaur tail party favors costume |  Video

Fold the tail over so it’s upside down. Source: provided.

Once the glue dries, flip the tail over. Stuff the tail with a hobby filling.

Glue the belt pieces to the sides of the base piece just above the center line as shown in the video.

Apply glue to the edge of the base. Press the base and tail edges together. Make sure the edges of the glued waistband face the inside of the tail.

Glue the hooks and eye strips to the end of the belt pieces. Decorate the tail with lots of colorful foam spots. If you want to be a bit extra, you can stick pom poms on the tail.

Wrap the belt around a child’s waist or over a chair at a kid’s party!

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