EICC offers free training on diversity, equity and inclusion


East Iowa Community Colleges will offer free diversity, equity and inclusion training workshops to help community members, businesses and local organizations create an inclusive workplace culture and build the high-performance teams they need to thrive.

The workshops will be offered online from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on January 11, 18 and 25, according to a press release. Participants can register for one or all of the workshops.

According to research by McKinsey & Company, a global management consulting firm, organizations with a more diverse workforce perform better financially, the statement said. Creating an environment that encompasses a wide range of characteristics, where employees feel included and receive equal treatment and opportunities for advancement, leads to increased job satisfaction, among a host of other benefits.

Nationally recognized speaker Yves Salomon-Fernández, Ph.D., will help define what diversity means and provide valuable insights on how to create a more equitable and inclusive environment within an organization.

For more information on the training, go here. Or call 1-888-336-3907 or 563-441-4100.

January 11—Diversity: let’s start the conversation!

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In this first session, we will define diversity and lay our cards on the table. Why is it uncomfortable to talk about diversity? We will talk about the risks, discomforts, perils and courage associated with engaging with this subject in open public spaces and in our homes. We will also explore the rich mosaic of cultures, identities, histories, struggles, and accomplishments that make us Americans. The United States is a global superpower, a driver of innovation and a global leader in many industries. Our diversity is our strength!

January 18 — The Pandemic and the Headlines: Shocks and Responses

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The pandemic has affected our country unevenly. Some have lost their jobs, their ability to support themselves and their loved ones, or their businesses. Others lacked adequate health care and child care to get back on their feet. Amid the suffering, we also experienced significant racial unrest. This session will provide tools to facilitate conversations at the table, in the boardroom, in the workshop and in Zoom meetings.

January 25—The Business Case for a More Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Workplace

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We are going through a tight labor market and “the great resignation” while undergoing significant demographic changes. Data shows us that companies with a more diverse board and management team are more profitable. Data also shows that a higher sense of belonging is correlated with better employee retention. Our clientele and customer bases, both domestic and international, are more diverse, younger and socially responsible. This session will focus on the business case for creating a workplace where everyone feels welcome.

About the presenter

Salomon-Fernández is a nationally recognized, enterprising and forward-thinking thought leader and former community college president, who has led institutions in suburban and rural settings in Massachusetts and New Jersey. Internationally, she has served with the United Nations in Mexico and as a consultant for the Bermuda Department of Education. In March 2018, Diverse Issues in Higher Education named her one of the Top 25 Women in Higher Education.

She has been a reviewer for the National Science Foundation and Johns Hopkins University Press. Corporator of Greenfield Cooperative Bank, Dr. Salomon-Fernández is also a member of the Community Development Council of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. She is a board member of Cooley Dickinson Hospital and Mass Humanities, both located in Northampton, Massachusetts.

Dr. Salomon-Fernández received his undergraduate degree from the University of Massachusetts in Boston and holds a certificate from the University of Oxford. She holds an MA from the London School of Economics and a Ph.D. from Boston College. In addition to Haitian Creole, Dr. Salomon-Fernández is fluent in French and Spanish.

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