Enid Police Department opens new training center for recruits and state agencies


A state-of-the-art training center for first responders is now open in the northern part of our state.

“We’re doing CLEET Basic Academy, so we’ve helped 7-8 other agencies other than our own to train police officers in the state of Oklahoma,” said Enid Police Department lieutenant and teacher Nick John.

Enid’s police chief said it was the first department in the state to have this technology.

“The simulator is unique to Oklahoma State, it’s a five-screen system. Right now we’re the only ones in Oklahoma State that have it,” Bryan said. Skaggs, the chief of police.

Prior to the center, recruits from the Enid Police Department traveled to Ada for training.

“We use the simulator for all sorts of things; de-escalation skills, marksmanship, scenario-based training of mental health aspects, traffic stops, shootouts involving officers, hostage taking,” Lt. John said.

“What we wanted to do was design a training center that looked more like a university classroom and that’s what we did. It hosts about 50 students, and then we do regional training here as well as a police academy,” Chief Skaggs said.

The 4,000 square foot facility has the classroom next to the VirTra simulation system.

“We can have a class in the classroom watching the officer during the simulation. It keeps the officer from getting too nervous, but the students in the class can learn from him what he does right and wrong,” Lt. John said.

Skaggs hopes the new technology will attract new recruits.

“One of my goals is to have Enid as a regional training center for northwest Oklahoma and I think we’re moving forward with that process,” he said.

Soon, the Department will open the center to residents and businesses who also wish to train at the facility.

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