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Learn exactly what to look out for when a storm hits St. Louis.

Here in the Midwest, we don’t always behave the way we should in the face of a tornado warning. Instead of heading to our basements with a radio and headphones, we often run our fools outside in our backyards to see if we can see a rotation in person.

But the best way to learn about severe weather is to take storm spotter training. The National Weather Service holds storm spotter training courses in the St. Louis area several times a month. In the two-hour course, students learn the basics of storm development, how to identify potentially severe weather phenomena, and how to report their findings to the proper authorities.

Since radar can’t show much, local storm spotters often fill critical gaps for meteorologists. If a storm watcher can see the very beginnings of a funnel cloud that looks likely to turn into a tornado and relay that information to the right people, they could potentially play a key role in saving lives during a severe storm.

Storm-watching lessons are completely free, but you will need to register in advance. They’re also offered online now due to the pandemic, so you don’t even need to attend in person to be properly trained. Visit the National Weather Service website for more information on how to register for a course.

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