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Lisa Jackson, University of Cumbria

To ensure teenagers receive personalized support on the benefits and realities of continuing education and training after school or university, young people in Cumbria are invited to share their views on support that they have already received.

Responses to a new survey launched by the Hello Future partnership, led by the University of Cumbria, will help it tailor its future activities.

He said this will help future young learners in the county receive the specific support they need as they consider their own further and higher education study and training options.

The survey will provide insight into learner needs and help researchers identify how Hello Future can help, highlighting specific student concerns and skills gaps.

Through its tailor-made workshops, mentoring programs, trips and residencies, Hello Future aims to address the issues raised in the survey, as well as to help bridge the higher education participation gap between most and least represented groups in Cumbria.

Hello Future is a partnership led by the University of Cumbria with employers, colleges and skills organisations.

The partnership aims to provide information, advice and guidance on higher education tailored to learners in Cumbria.

It is part of the national Uni Connect program delivered by the Office for Students which has been set up to support the government’s social mobility objectives to increase the number of young people from under-represented groups entering higher education .

Lisa Jackson, Hello Future Program Manager, says: “Hello Future supports Cumbrian learners in their next steps after school or university and we aim to do this as effectively as possible. We are excited to launch our Future Selves survey as the responses we receive will help us provide tailored activities and support for the different learners we encounter. Local schools, colleges and others have been really supportive of the survey as it will tell us what learners in Cumbria think about going to university or studying an apprenticeship in the future.

Along with the Future Selves survey, Hello Future is also rolling out its new My Future Self sessions to schools and colleges across Cumbria.

The sessions aim to encourage learners to think about their future, helping them to feel confident and in control of their future decisions.

Learners who have already participated in the first sessions explored their ideas for their first dream job, as well as their current ambitions and how to achieve them.

Hannah Pears, Head of Careers at Lakes College, said: “Hello Future supported a number of groups of learners through a full week of delivery by hosting the My Future Self session. The students found the session interesting and the staff were interested in knowing what all the students wanted to be by the age of five. the answers ranged from ballet dancer to astronaut to veterinarian. We look forward to receiving the results of the survey to inform our plans. »

Hello Future works with students inside and outside of educational settings and provides support from grade nine onwards, including workshops and assemblies. Resources, tips and courses are available on the Hello Future site.

The Hello Future partnership is led by the University of Cumbria, with BAE Systems, Carlisle College, Cumbria County Council, Cumbria LEP, Edge Hill University, Furness College, Kendal College, Lakes College, Lancaster University, Lancaster & Morecambe College, Myerscough College , Center for Leadership Performance, NHS Better Care Together, University of Central Lancashire and React Foundation.

To get in touch with Hello Future and find out more, visit or call 01228 634 760.

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