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MADISON- Having a high tech training facility in your own home is certainly a foundation for excellent physical health and even more so when you consider the equipment and training area being used as a place for others to use on a limited basis. For Victor Verhage (ver-Ha-guh) and his school-aged son, Darren, to have what is basically one of the most impressive high-tech rooms filled with fitness equipment in the immediate vicinity of their home paid off for everyone involved.

A wealth of the latest and most technical advanced training equipment is scattered throughout the first floor of Verhage’s home in Madison. A 1,000 square foot area called “The Living Room” is dedicated to the 20 pieces of equipment with an estimated value of $150,000. This is where Victor founded his consulting business, he called Victor Vman LLC and trained an array of people and Darren continued his various training regimens in his quest to become a college football player after completing his high school years in as a member of the James Clemens Jets. team.

“Virtual training programs are available because I created a new opportunity for myself,” Victor said. “My training program is basically ‘work plus rest equals success’ because I train all the muscle movements a person needs and I keep adjusting the equipment to help the individual which is the best way to avoid injury.”

For Darren, the 6-foot-2, 260-pound offensive and defensive lineman just finished his senior season at James Clemens and has yet to make a decision about where he would like to pursue a college education with a 3.9 GPA and playing college football.

Just before the 2021 season and a few times during the recent campaign, Darren had several of his teammates go to his house, where each went through a battery of training drill routines with the necessary equipment designed for each player by Victor. Darren said: “I’m sort of new to the sport of football as I’ve only been playing for four years, but I’ve learned to perform at a high level and I feel like I’m in good physical condition thanks to the workout that I experienced here in my own home. It’s been a rewarding home setup.

Living in Chicago, Victor was Vice President of XSport Fitness Club, which has 40 locations across the United States. In 2019, Victor asked Darren if he wanted to move to Madison as Victor’s two twin brothers lived in the immediate area. Darren expressed that he was super excited to move south after 16 years in the Windy City. While in Chicago, high-tech equipment companies asked Victor to test his newest equipment and formulate the knowledge needed to oversee the fitness capabilities of each new piece of equipment.

“I’ve always enjoyed coaching and training other people who had difficulty and challenges with physical training,” Victor said. “I started in a gymnasium, migrated to a more club-like gym and started serving and coaching others. I enjoy working with people who have a desire to improve. .

A comprehensive and in-depth look at the training center and how the home area has become a necessary part of Darren’s possible future in football and a side business for Victor, who is currently working as a vice- president of sales and marketing for OMNI Fitness Channel, is in the January issue of Madison Life Magazine available throughout Madison.

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