Hocus Pocus 2 Set Photo shows SJP in costume filming the musical number


A new still from the set of Disney’s Hocus Pocus 2 shows Sarah Jessica Parker playing full sister Sanderson while filming a musical number.

A new photo from the set of Disney’s Hocus pocus 2 shows Sarah Jessica Parker in full Sarah Sanderson fashion during the filming of the film’s big musical number. Parker became a Halloween icon alongside co-stars Bette Midler and Kathy Naijmy after the trio wowed audiences as the Sanderson sisters in Hocus pocus. The wickedly campy comedy premiered in 1993 and is more popular than ever nearly three decades later. Much of the longevity is due to the trio’s epic performances, which saw Midler have Chief Witch Winnie, Mary as his mad sister Mary, and Parker as the lewd Sarah.

To the delight of fans, Disney officially has the green light Hocus pocus 2 in 2020. The three members of the original Sanderson coven have confirmed their return, with director Anne Fletcher (Proposal) at the bar. The highly anticipated follow-up officially began production in fall 2021, choosing to shoot in Rhode Island this time around. Locals watched the crew transform the Ocean State into Salem (where the original took place) for filming. Sneaky, buzzing onlookers with Hocus Pocus put photos and videos of the iconic ladies back in action, giving the world a glimpse of what to expect.


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Popular Instagram Account Hocus Pocus Guide shared a close look at Sarah Jessica Parker in her full Sarah Sanderson ensemble while filming the film’s new musical number. Throwing on flowing blonde locks and pink badges, the Sex and the city the star seems to have immediately slipped into his character. Check out the behind-the-scenes snapshot below:

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Parker’s doe-eyed expression and general physique make it clear that she’s once again brought up her wizarding alter ego. Fans took to the comments section to notice that almost 30 years later Parker was still exactly the same as his sister Sanderson. Of course, being back in her full Sarah costume definitely helps the magic. While the sequel has a different costume designer (Salvador Pérez Jr. took the reins from Mary E. Vogt), the core of Sanderson’s clothing remains the same with subtle differences like the details of Sarah’s webbed arms.

Another similarity to the first film is that Hocus pocus 2 will have a musical number. the I put a Spell on You The scene from the original film was truly remarkable and will be difficult to follow. Disney appears to be appealing to the ingredients that made the first spell so successful, once again having the sisters sing and dance at a Halloween event. Midler to lead his mighty sisters in chilling take on Blondie One way or another.

At a time when nostalgia is the hottest trend, Hocus pocus 2 certainly has the potential to be a smash hit. Just seeing Midler, Najimy, and Parker back in character and going crazy is enough to bring joy to Pocus-ers around the world. While these treats are scary, the trick will be to see how Hocus pocus 2 adds layers and undertones to their main ladies. Fans certainly adore their hijinks, but are also deeply searching for a story about their relationship and their motivations. Hopefully everything will get an answer when it releases in fall 2022.

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