How Julie Andrews’ Mary Poppins Costume Helped Her Iconic Performance


Julie Andrews explains how Mary Poppins’ costumes, fun on the inside and correct on the outside, helped shape her iconic performance.

Julie Andrews explains the surprising ways she Mary Poppins the costumes helped shape his iconic performance. Released in 1964, Mary Poppins tells the story of a whimsical nanny who uses magic and a sense of adventure to help two neglected children bond with their father. The film was a critical and commercial success upon release and features an innovative combination of live action and animation elements. Mary Poppins marked Andrews’ feature debut and was nominated for 13 Academy Awards, winning 5.

Although it was released nearly 60 years ago, Mary Poppins remains a beloved Disney film to this day and, with The sound of music, is still considered one of Andrews’ most memorable performances. sequel to the movie, Mary Poppins Returns, was released in 2018, with Emily Blunt reprising the lead role. In addition to the sequel, Save Mr. Banks, a 2013 biographical drama documenting the making of the film, was also a hit. This film starred Tom Hanks, who can next be seen in the next Disney film Pinnochio remake, playing Walt Disney himself. the original Mary Poppins also featured performances by actors such as Dick Van Dyke, David Tomlinson, Glynis Johns, Hermione Baddeley, Reta Shaw, Karen Dotrice and Matthew Garber.


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In a new career retrospective video for vanity lounge, Andrews reveals that her costumes had a big impact on how she shaped the character of Mary Poppins. Designed by her then-husband, Tony Walton, Andrews explains that while the costumes looked very proper on the outside, they often had fun visual flairs on the inside, much like Andrews imagined his own. Poppins personality. Check out Andrews’ full comment below:

“Tony was extremely talented and created my costumes, he would talk to me about it and he would say, ‘You know, you’re very primitive and correct on the outside, but I think Mary Poppins has some kind of secret life, maybe , and I will give him, when you open your coat or when you turn around and dance, you will see wonderfully colored petticoats and wonderful linings of your garments. And he said, “because I think that is what pleases him. Very formal on the outside and a bit mean on the inside, so to speak. “And that completely gave me a clue about his character. A big, big help for me.”

Mary surveys the brothel of the nursery in Mary Poppins

While it’s easy to miss the connection on first viewing, Andrews’ comments point out that Mary Poppins’ costumes had meaning and impact that went beyond just the character’s wardrobe. Poppins, as described by Andrews, seems very decent and mannered at first, but as the film progresses she takes part in a number of fun adventures, including using her magic to transport herself, Bert, and the children. in a street painting. The same approach to costume would ultimately be taken up in Mary Poppins Returnswith Blunt’s version of the character also sporting a similar clothing style.

Andrews’ performance in Mary Poppins is truly one of a kind and his recent comments attest to the fact that there are more layers to his performance than what appears on the surface. After all, if Poppins had only been “formal and proper” without the sense of adventure underneath, the character is unlikely to be remembered as fondly (or referenced in movies like Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. II). It remains to be seen if other Mary Poppins sequels will be made, but now, even nearly 60 years later, Andrews’ version of the character remains more iconic than ever.

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