J.Lo fans filmed the moment her suit ripped on her bum


Jennifer Lopez just proved she’s really out of tune with, well, anything. During a recent show, her skintight bodysuit ripped in a rather unfortunate place. But, J.Lo being J.Lo, she embraced the funny situation in a recent TikTok video…and flaunted her epic booty in the process.

Jennifer combined the video with Kreepa’s viral “Oh No” sound, and I can’t help but watch it again…and again. There was simply no caption needed.

Fans rushed to hype Jennifer in the comments: ‘We love a funny queen who can handle any situation 😂,’ one said. “She’s a true professional ‘The show must go on,'” another said.

It helps that the 52-year-old singer and actress continues to stand out on stage, despite the small hole in her bum. A huge thumbs up here for her killer dancing skills.

Wondering how to get an intense dance workout like J.Lo? W.H. USA spoke to his pole dancing teacher Johanna Sapakie to uncover the secrets of Jennifer’s iconic performances.

The two trained together for months before starring in Hustlers in 2019 and the Super Bowl halftime show in 2020, both of which incorporated pole dancing. Jennifer’s sessions with Johanna focused on the complex full-body exercise required by aerial dancing.

And clearly, their sessions paid off:

“Your body functions as a complete whole,” Johanna said. She advises her dancers to “distribute the workload evenly among the body parts so that each body part does its job to make the climb easier.” That is, all your muscles are engaged for this workout.

To prepare for the intense sweat session, Jennifer worked on cross-training exercises with a particular focus on her core, Johanna explained. Moves like dead bugs, CrossFit, and upper body exercises all helped build her confidence and strength while dancing on stage and in the air.

Its washboard core is an added bonus, of course.

She’s also incredibly dedicated to her fitness routine, working out four to five days a week for at least an hour at a time. Oprah Daily reported.

Here’s a sweaty one gym as proof:

The star stays away from processed foods and sticks to complex carbs, like sweet potatoes and quinoa, one of her trainers says UsWeekly. Of course, she also makes sure to have an adequate amount of protein in her diet so that she is nourished properly.

Don’t worry, Jen. You totally crushed it!

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