Kristine Froseth Takes ‘Vogue’ Through Her Grueling ‘Birds Of Paradise’ Workout Routine


Black Swan set the bar high for complex and brilliantly executed ballet films about female relationships, but Birds of paradise more than he meets it. The Amazon movie – which was written and directed by Sarah Adina Smith and the stars BooksmartDiana Silvers and Kristine Froseth as Kate and Marine, two rival dancers in a French ballet academy, is both stimulating and moving. It’s clear how much the lead actresses had to prepare to play their physically powerful and emotionally raw characters.

Vogue Recently, Froseth spoke about working with Silvers and Jacqueline Bisset (who plays the hard-line academy leader), getting in touch with your body through physical preparation and the ‘apples and oranges’ phenomenon of competing. with friends for roles. Read the full interview below.

I know you were almost done filming ‘Birds of Paradise’ in March 2020; how did the Covid-19 disrupt the program of the film?

We were filming in Budapest – we started in February, then we had six days of filming left when we got arrested. There was so much going on, but it was obviously a shame, and we weren’t sure if we were going to go back and finish or not, because there was so much going on. It was really tricky after three months of preparation, and it was difficult to hold onto the characters and try to prepare physically. Then we found out [we could] go back and finish the movie – but it was really hard to navigate training again for the role.

What attracted you to the character of Marine?

I was really intrigued by where we first met her, because she experienced this tragedy; she has lost her twin brother, her other half, and she sets out on this journey to find out how she is coping with it. I have found her journey and her healing process very uplifting, and I hope other people will see it as well. The loss is different for everyone, but I hope people feel less alone and find strength in this story because I find it very empowering. Women are also so often pitted against each other, so this aspect of the women’s competition was really interesting to me. I wanted to explore what her education was like in this ballet environment and how it affected her relationship with herself and the girls around her.

Speaking of female relationships, what was it like working with Diana Silvers and Jacqueline Bisset?

It was really wonderful. I only knew Diana from afar, but from the start we were like, ‘Let’s tie up and do this together. We were training separately unfortunately – she was in LA and I was training in New York – but we always clashed when we were wrestling, and it was very helpful. When we got to Budapest we had some amazing rehearsals, and we were really open and honest about everything; I think it made us feel very safe and just to be there when we were shooting the scenes. Jacqueline was kind of in character the whole time, so it was very interesting. She is such a force of nature, and she was really intimidating, but when we got carried away she was so adorable and we were like, “Oh my God, you loved us! It was so wonderful to watch her work.

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