Kyle Rittenhouse thanked Dallas for ‘hospitality’ after visiting Dallas Cowboys training facility


After Kyle Rittenhouse, the Illinois teenager who stood trial for fatally shooting two people during a protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, was acquitted in November, he told the Fox host News, Tucker Carlson, that he just wanted to get on with his life “like a normal 18-year-old.” one-year-old child attending university.

But unlike the schedules of most teenagers – heavy on TikTok-and-fortnite waste of time – first on Rittenhouse’s agenda after the trial was a meeting with former President Donald Trump at his Mar-a-Lago property and a media tour that included interviews with all the spokespersons curators from Glenn Beck to Sean Hannity.

Last week, Rittenhouse came to Dallas, and on Tuesday he posted photos to his Instagram account of his visit to Beck’s studios at Blaze TV, tagging media company hosts Elijah Schaffer and Sara Gonzales.

In the post, Rittenhouse wrote, “Thank you Dallas for your hospitality” and shared photos of himself inside what appears to be the Dallas Cowboys training camp in Frisco.

Rittenhouse tagged the team’s official account in the post, but it’s unclear if he’s been invited for a private viewing as the space is open to the public. Cowboys director of media relations and corporate communications Joe Trahan did not respond to our request for comment.

Just as Rittenhouse’s plans to attend Arizona State University have sparked student protests and petitions, football fans are taking to Twitter to call out the Dallas Cowboys for allowing Rittenhouse to visit.

A Twitter user named Ryan wrote, “As a Cowboys fan allow us to throw you a parade! We will provide you with a convertible to get around. We have a great track record with this stuff. It’s alright… Take it slowly from the custodian. K?”

Some Cowboys fans haven’t been this upset since Thanksgiving, when the team lost to the Las Vegas Raiders. Although it’s also entirely possible that no one at the facility was even working at the time, as apparently everyone involved in the team is out with COVID.

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