Masked Singer’s Caterpillar and Mallard Talk Costume Challenges, Ice Vests, and Reverse Psychology


Warning! The following contains spoilers for The masked singerthe group B semi-finals. Read at your own risk!

The masked singer arrived in the back half of Season 6, but not before saying goodbye to two very talented candidates from Group B. The Mallard and Caterpillar got their marching papers in the big episode, and although both to be talented singers in the competition, fans would not associate this with their daily work. Now, following their elimination, Duck Dynastyby Willie Robertson (Mallard) and strange eyeby Bobby Berk (caterpillar) had a lot to say about their costumes, ice vests, and reverse psychology.

The masked singer is a song contest, but the costumes play an equally important role in the show. Unfortunately, they’re not always as comfortable or practical for a stage performance as the contestants would like, and Willie Robertson told CinemaBlend he learned this the hard way, because not all home workouts set him up. quite to wear the mallard mask. .

I really hadn’t taken the whole mask issue into account. Like, it’s hard, you know, when you put that thing on it, it’s a whole other ball game. In fact, they should just reiterate how difficult it is. I would challenge anyone, whether you’re a great singer or not, but you put this stuff on, it’s tough. It’s hard to move, and you can’t see. Yeah, it was a lot of challenges but it was really rewarding to get up there and be successful and not forget the words or, you know God forbid, fall.

Misadventures happen on The masked singer, and yes, some of them are due to the use of costumes. Thankfully, Willie Robertson didn’t appear to have a mishap in Mallard’s costume despite limited visibility, and he walked around the stage in much the same way as many other contestants.

Bobby Berk, meanwhile, didn’t have the opportunity to move around much like Caterpillar. Berk told CinemaBlend that his suit was actually quite heavy, and he even needed special gear to make sure he stayed cool while wearing the heavy Caterpillar suit.

It was definitely a challenge. You know, the costume probably weighed around 150 pounds. It was also around 120 degrees indoors so we figured out that I had to wear an ice vest every time to keep my temperature low. Obviously there wasn’t a lot of mobility so I couldn’t swing a lot without taking out backup dancers every time I did because of the size of the back. But it was so much fun. Would I have liked to be able to move and dance more? Yeah, but on a related note, I really like that I don’t have to move and dance so much.

The masked singer Season 5 almost saw singer Bobby Brown pass out from being in the costume, so it’s good to see that the production team took some precautions in Season 6 to make sure something similar didn’t happen with strange eyeit’s Bobby Berk. Still, I can’t imagine trying to move around in a 150-pound costume no matter what I’m wearing, so I thank him for doing all of this while putting in an awesome performance.

Credit also goes to Willie Robertson who, surprisingly, continued The masked singer in the exact costume you would expect someone of Duck Dynasty carry. Robertson explained the show’s reasoning that prompted him to wear a suit based on the success of his business and the brand his family has cultivated.

I was not ready to be the duck. They showed me the costume and as soon as I saw it I fell in love with it. I said ‘100%’. I was shocked that they chose that angle, but they decided to go ahead and go ahead because they thought it would be a clue, obviously it wouldn’t be someone of Duck Dynasty carrying a duck.

Neither man will win The masked singer, but this is understandable because there is such pool of talented competitors still in competition. While Bobby Berk and Willie Robertson were doing quite well, if the queen of hearts and the other competitors are who we think they are, so they’ll be flattered that they lasted as long as they did.

The masked singer broadcast on Fox Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET. Season 6 is moving towards its finale, although it’s still too early to say who will definitely win it all. My hope is for Bull, but can he surpass Queen of Hearts? I can’t wait to find out!

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