Moon Knight Costume Designer Has Made Practical Costumes Even For CGI Characters


moon knightThe introduction of the Egyptian Ennead allowed Marvel Studios to expand on its visual effects, designing stellar models for Khonshu and Taweret, two gods of the ancient pantheon. Although both characters are entirely computer generated, Meghan Kasperlik and her costume design team created costumes for both characters for production reference.

“Khonshu’s costume is a fully functional costume,” Kasperlik tells us. “Taweret’s costume is also designed and produced from head to toe. Both Khonshu and Taweret are made in-house, so that was really exciting.”

The costume designer adds that Taweret’s design is her favorite thing she’s worked on for the show, teasing her “incredible” design in future episodes.

“The Taweret costume that we just saw very, very briefly, the costume itself, there’s so much detail in there,” she adds. “There’s the helmet with the birthing dance and the birthing prayer from ancient Egypt, because Taweret means birth mother. Every one of the hieroglyphs on the front that you can barely see at this point is amazing.”

Kasperlik concludes: “But there are hieroglyphics there and under all the ornamentation she has a phenomenal skirt that you can barely see, but my team cut those strips by hand and then sewed them with a way so amazing. I hope it’s one of those costumes that gets on display because it’s just…in person, it’s amazing.”

A member of the Ennead, Taweret is the goddess of childbirth and fertility. Across four episodes, the character appeared in a single scene. She is voiced by Antonia Salib.

four episodes of moon knight are streaming now on Disney+, and new episodes will be released every Wednesday.

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