Moon Knight’s New Costume Has Its Own Mind


The new Moon Knight trailer reveals massive changes to the character’s costume. But how will these changes change the hero of the new series?

Moon Knight has always been one of the most stripped down Marvel superheroes. Although he’s been shown using advanced gadgets and vehicles in the past, it’s more common to see him fighting in an alley similar to other street heroes like Daredevil and Spider-Man. This is best expressed through the character’s costume, which is nothing more than a cloth outfit with varying degrees of protection. However, the new trailer for the upcoming Disney+ series appears to give Moon Knight’s costume a more supernatural flair that could totally reinterpret the importance of head-to-toe attire.

In the comics, Marc Spector’s role as Moon Knight makes him the fist of the Egyptian moon god, Khonshu. As a result, her outfit is almost always white, illuminating the moonlight before her enemies. There are also instances where the moon gives him the strength to continue his fight for revenge. But unlike the TV show, Marc’s outfit isn’t bound by any supernatural law, meaning he can alter his appearance whenever he wants. But Moon Knight’s new costume appears to be an expansion of the God and may carry more thematic weight than ever before.

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How Moon Knight’s New Costume Changes The Character

Although the role of Moon Knight makes Marc Spector/Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac) an agent of justice, there’s an element of horror that makes up this new iteration. A scene from the trailer reveals that instead of having him put on the suit, he wraps it up at night, similar to the bandages that wrap around a mummy. Essentially, the costume now makes Moon Knight look like a monster trying to be a hero. This is demonstrated by his natural penchant for brutality against his enemies, showing that the humanity that remains when he dons the costume is what makes him a hero and not a raging animal for justice.

The image of the Marc/Steven wraparound suit also teases how this “gift” is actually a prison for the character. The trailer shows how Marc can’t sleep and when he wakes up from another seemingly bad dream, his bed is surrounded by sand. Since becoming Khonshu’s servant, Marc/Steven’s life no longer seems to be his. As a result, Moon Knight’s transformation sequence isn’t meant to look heroic, but tragic, expanding on how the role of Marc/Steven affected his mind and well-being.

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Will Moon Knight be treated like a king?

Along with the thematic changes, the visual changes to the suit also seek to significantly alter the importance of the character. In the comics, Moon Knight is the only thing that can enact the justice and vengeance that Khonshu desires. As a result, he is his fist and servant and is believed to deliver his will to criminals at night. But in a superhero world, Marc’s outfit doesn’t have the regal look a role like his should have. That said, the new series seems to fully embrace its royalty.

As an Egyptian knight, Marc/Steven’s transformation is meant to be a divine moment when Khonshu’s power compels him to complete his mission. The costume designs also signify his agency for Khonshu in a unique way. For starters, the hood has a small crescent moon, a symbol of Khonshu. The outfit also has a gold crescent moon chest piece and other smaller gold armor pieces that are wrapped in bindings, giving the suit a mummified appearance. Finally, even his waist has a golden sash that connects to a forward-facing cloth that extends to his knees, giving an image of a knight or priest. With these more regal alterations to his costume, Moon Knight’s importance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe may carry more weight than ever as the supernatural world continues to expand.

To see all of the changes to Moon Knight’s costume, the series will begin streaming on Disney+ on March 30.

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