Resistance Training: Is Resistance Training Beneficial for the Artistic Athlete? How to integrate it into the training?

While resistance training, and specifically resistance training with weights, has become commonplace in the training regimens of many sports, it still seems that among artistic athletes there is a pervasive belief that the resistance training is not for them and will not benefit their practice.

So let’s break it down, what is the benefit of this type of training for dancers, gymnasts, acrobats, vaulters, and other artistic athletes, and how can it best be incorporated into a training program? Although these disciplines do not traditionally incorporate – and are often used to discourage – resistance training, research studies continue to show that the benefits of an appropriately applied resistance training program outweigh the any potential risk. Injury Prevention Resistance training performed as part of a sport-specific training program has been proven time and time again to reduce the risk of overuse and acute injury. One study even showed that when applied appropriately, strength training cuts the risk of overuse injury in half. As we’ve discussed before, resistance training can be used as a way to train the body to be able to tolerate the loads and forces that are inevitable in sport. It helps us build good movement patterns that pr…

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