Scammer Halloween Costume: Anna Delvey, Elizabeth Holmes


I therefore do not encourage the girlboss-ification of fraud, but the latest news from Anna Delvey got me thinking: why not dress up as a scam for Halloween?

On Monday, Netflix shared the first official images of Shonda Rhimes’ upcoming series, Invent Anna, recounting the rise and fall of a certain redhead of Russian origin who made beautiful New Yorkers believe that she was an heiress.

Julia Garner will play Delvey, who went viral after New York Magazine lifted the veil on her antics in a 2018 expose.

To pull off the crook look, try recreating one of her court outfits with a black dress, ballet flats, a slender black choker, and no feeling of remorse. Don’t forget his signature: a pair of big CELINE glasses.

If Delvey seems too overwhelmed, this year has seen several other scammers enter the chat.

DeAnne Brady, co-founder of the multi-level marketing company and “stinky leggings” provider LuLaRoe, was the subject of a highly publicized docu-series, LuLaRich, which hit Amazon Prime in September.

Maybe you could dress like a pair of these leggings? They are ten cents on second-hand sites like ThredUP.

Another famous fraudster, Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos – the health-tech company that intentionally misled investors and patients into believing her blood tests were working – is set to enter the third months of his life. high profile trial.

To dress as a disgraced entrepreneur, all you need is a black turtleneck, chunky eyeliner, and a wide-eyed robotic expression plastered on your face.

Finally, we have Jen Shah, the The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City cast member who was arrested in march and charged with conspiracy to commit electronic fraud and money laundering.

Much of her “Shah-mazing” look revolves around OTT designer outfits, complemented by a Louis Vuitton backpack. She particularly likes the all-over prints from Versace.

So, WTF, are you waiting? Reveal the charisma and get into the scam – extra candy, of course.

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