Shakespeare & Company Center for Actor Training to Present Dibble Dance Pop-up


Shakespeare & Company will present a Dibble Dance Pop-up workshop via Zoom on Saturday, March 19, from 3-5 p.m. EST.

Designed for dancers of all levels, this one-day workshop with choreographer, dancer and teacher Susan Dibble (she/him) and movement teacher Charls Hall (he/him) will celebrate and explore the power of dance through an original and collaborative routine. . Participants will film themselves dancing and clips of each performance will be edited together to create a dance channel video.

No prior dance or movement training is required; Dibble, who founded Dibble Dance in 1982, explained that the name refers to the dances she creates that give people of all ages and abilities “a chance to feel joy, ecstasy, humour, deep love and a sense of physical freedom”. She added that this online workshop offers an extra Shakespearian nod, with moves inspired by Elizabethan dance steps.

“One of my favorite stages is ‘Spring Stage,'” she said. “It takes a moment of joy to jump off the ground for a music count. In that moment, I’m in the air for a second – without a care or a care in the world.”

The workshop fee is $39; For more information or to register, visit the Online Actor Training Workshops page on

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