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Disney World has been called the place “where dreams come true”. So it’s only fitting that a young dancer from Stephenville should go there as she pursues her dream of becoming a performer.

Lyla LaSage, 14, is a student at Nomad Stages dance studio, where she has been enrolled since the studio was founded in 2020.
She recently attended her first dance competition, Wanna Dance Canada, with four other Nomad Stages teammates from May 12-17. It was a very successful first performance for the “top five” of the Nomad Stages.

And, in the process, Lyla has won an exciting opportunity that she says she had no idea was available at the time.

For her outstanding performance at Wanna Dance, Lyla won a $1,000 scholarship to attend the 2022 Lightning Elite Dance Intensive of her choice – either the Disneyland, California Dance Intensive July 6-12, or the Walt Disney World, Florida Spooktacular October 25. at 31.

“I was so excited,” she told West Coast Wire.

Lyla chose to attend Spooktacular in October.

The Elite Dance program is open to dancers worldwide by audition or scholarship. Lyla will have the opportunity to perform with Lightning Elite dancers from around the world in a 25-minute show for hundreds of Disney Park guests.

Throughout the week, dancers will train with industry professionals and perform their choreography on a Disney World stage. They’ll also participate in private workshops with Disney cast members, attend Q&A sessions with top industry pros, receive a three-day park pass, receive Disney gifts for performing arts and will attend a farewell breakfast and dinner with the characters.

Lyla is excited to learn and grow as a performer.

“It’s an incredible opportunity to be able to go out there and be able to dance with these elite dancers who have been doing this for years,” she explains. “To be, I guess, a novice dancer in this category, to be able to go with them, play with them and learn with them.”

She hopes to pick up the choreography and combinations they do and learn new skills and tricks along the way.
Lyla is currently studying Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Tap and Musical Theater at Nomad Stages. His favorite styles are musical theater and jazz.

Lyla’s two passions have always been dance and musicals. According to her father, Ken, Lyla grew up dancing.

“Even as a little girl in a pamper, she was dancing around,” he says.

Also, she loves to play. She joined the Stephenville Theater Festival Young Company in 2018. This summer, she looks forward to performing Into the Woods, Jr. with the company.
Lyla hopes to use all of this experience — her classes at Nomad Stages and the theater company, as well as the opportunity given to her at Disney World — to pursue big dreams.
Enrolling in dance classes since 2020 has helped her improve as a dancer, adding to her skill set as a performer.

“I think they really helped me with my technical level, my stretching, my flexibility and my facial expressions,” she explains.

She credited her coaches Andrew Perry and Anastasiia Rudenko for her development over the past two years. Now, she hopes participating in the dance intensive in Florida will help her go further.

“I think that would definitely help me with that,” she says. “I would love to pursue a career in musical theater and dance, for sure.”

Her father confirms, “she wants to be on Broadway.”

Wanna Dance was not only a big individual achievement for Lyla, but there were a lot of accolades for Nomad Stages as a team. The “top five” team that competed in St. John’s consisted of Lyla, Amira Basha, Brooklyn Cormier, Maya Harris and Peyton Renouf. They competed in eight categories, including Teen Jazz Group, International Teen Group, Contemporary Junior Trio, and Solo Jazz and Contemporary Classes. The team won three gold medals, four high-level gold medals and one diamond medal for their performance. They also received the highest score for a first entry and the Royal Award for their incredible stage presence and attitude during their Spanish dance.

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