Texas Ballet Theater cancels The Nutcracker for 2020 due to COVID-19


Theater executives said they determined it was “impossible to effectively prepare and run the production with social distancing and other security measures.”

Part of the Christmas season in North Texas will not happen this year due to the novel coronavirus.

The Texas Ballet Theater has announced that it is canceling its annual Nutcracker Tour, which was scheduled to take place in Dallas and Fort Worth in November and December.

The company said it has made its decision to cancel the season’s opening productions over security concerns surrounding COVID-19.

This is due to the protocols put in place to protect the dancers, but also to the loss of income that they expected due to limitations in hearing capacity. The company said it would need regular audience sizes to recoup the cost of its sets, costumes and special effects.

When the dancers return from summer vacation on August 24, they will not be able to team up or dance within 6 feet of each other, the company said, due to protocols they put in place in consultation. with medical professionals, other ballet companies and their owner management.

“Bringing the Nutcracker to life requires a large number of dancers, teams and staff to be in close proximity to each other as early as September, raising serious concerns in our public health landscape,” said Executive Director Vanessa Logan in a press release.

The ballet group said in their statement that they would not be able to rehearse The Nutcracker while meeting their new standards.

The company said it still plans to employ its dancers and connect with the audience during the holiday season. He is developing new programs.

“We will stay connected with our community this holiday season, just in a different way,” Logan said in the release.

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