The best Halloween costume ideas for celebrities and pop culture


Charity please! The spooky szn is upon us, and you needed a halloween costume, as there are five handfuls of candy corn. Of course, you can pull out the trusty kitten-eared headband or you can put in 30 seconds more and put together one of these last-minute celebrity and pop culture inspired costumes.

They’ll come together faster than a panic-controlled witch hat, and you’ll impress everyone at the party with the precision with which you have your finger on the cultural pulse. Topical and effortless? Simply scary.

Squid game player

The benchmark of pop-culture: Inspired by the dystopian hit that became Netflix’s most widely watched show, you’ll disguise yourself as one of Squid Game’s contestants – known simply by their number – competing to the death for a money-changing amount of money. life.

What you will need: In a real feat of capitalist machinery that is somewhat at odds with the show’s message, you can actually buy costume recreations of the tracksuits worn by the show’s contestants, but they’re pretty much all sold out now. So, just grab a matching set of sweatpants and green sweatshirts (we’ve been through 50 confinements, we know you have several) and put a tag with your number on your chest and back. You are ready to play!

More! As befits a true cultural juggernaut, there are other options for Squid game fans, which is great for a group costume: go as a guard, in a fuchsia hoodie and face shape of your choice, or the giant robot doll that acts as a spooky emcee. Knee high socks, a yellow Peter Pan shirt, a pinafore dress and an ability to sing “red light, green light” in a haunting manner are all you will need.

Kim Kardashian West at the Met Gala

The benchmark of pop culture: Kim K – or was it her shadow – walked the red carpet at this year’s Met Gala in an all-black, spectrum-like Balenciaga ensemble, which covered every inch of her body, including her face, except of her ponytail sticking out of her mask in the shape of a stocking.

What you will need: Nothing could be simpler: black leggings, a black top (basically a catsuit if you already have one), that cape from when you became Voldemort in 2010, and a very high denier bottom that you can wear. on your head for the five minutes you need for people to “pick up” your costume before they take it off.

Bernie’s mittens

The benchmark of pop culture: It was * the * 2021 presidential inauguration meme: Senator Bernie Sanders, bundled up against the January cold, refusing to submit to the pomp and ceremony of the occasion and wearing mittens that looked undeniably comfortable.

What you will need: A daddy’s parka, a pair of loosely hand-knitted mittens, a folding chair, and a slightly cranky expression.

Cruella De Vil

The benchmark of pop culture: According to a recent Google report, “Cruella De Vil” is the 5th most wanted Halloween costume idea for 2021, possibly thanks to Emma Stone’s turn as Disney’s misunderstood villainy in the origin story of This year, Cruel.

What you will need: Don a pair of red gloves up to your elbows (a staple for all of us, surely), don your best faux fur (bonus points if he looks vaguely Dalmatian) and locate that long cigarette holder you have used so much. when the Great Gatsby parties were around 10 years ago.

Olivia Rodrigo’s album cover

The benchmark of pop culture: Everyone salutes the Disney Channel star whose debut album, Sour, has taken over the airwaves in unexpected ways, leading to an unprecedented number of millennial women exploiting the kind of angst (“like a damn sociopath!”) they last felt while listening to Paramore circa 2009.

What you will need: On her Sour album cover, Olivia’s face is covered in Gen Z approved stickers. Take out your latest Glossier order (or your kid’s sticker collection) and apply these stickers liberally where you would normally use, by example, a bronzer. Add a fluffy tank top and plaid skirt, and for extra pop culture points, don’t forget to flaunt your driver’s license all night long.

Bennifer 2.0

The benchmark of pop culture: The quintessential ’00s coat rack couple Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are together again and no, we’re still not done. If you are looking for a couple costume, look no further.

What you will need: Since you’re going to be recreating the famous paparazzi photos from their trip to Miami that confirmed that this was indeed one thing, the Jennifer in your costume will need something floaty and white to recreate the jumpsuit you’re going to need. she wore to meditate on the beach while Ben just needs a gooey T-shirt, cargo shorts and a cigarette to recreate the smoke break he took during that time.

The scarf of Taylor Swift in “All Too Well”

The benchmark of pop culture: As Swifties are well aware, Taylor Swift is reissuing her classic Fall Heartbreak album, Red, November 12. In anticipation of this – and the release of a 10-minute version of “All Too Well,” his eviscerated withdrawal from his relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal – fans dance around the kitchen in the refrigerator light as if it was. again 2012.

What you will need: Famously, Taylor refers to a scarf she left at Jake’s sister’s house (hi, Maggie Gyllenhaal!) In the lyrics to “All Too Well”. Just wrap yourself in your best chunky-knit scarf from the early 2010s (bonus points if it’s red; Taylor’s official site has the one above for pre-order) and look a little sad.

Berries and cream

The benchmark of pop culture: “I am a little boy who loves berries and cream! Has probably followed you on TikTok this fall. The viral sound clip was taken from a 2007 Starburst commercial for a berry and cream flavored candy, featuring an actor frolicking happily in an Elf-meets-Victorian-child inspired collared costume.

What you will need: Luckily the chunky collars are in place right now, which means you can wear your favorite frilly over a button-down jacket and just bounce through the party singing “I still love doing the little boy’s dance”, while munching on Starbursts as you go.

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