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There are of course the auditions and the rehearsals, but the costumes are as important as anything else.

The Boston Ballet unveiled new costumes for The Nutcracker seven years ago, and these costumes are lovingly maintained by the company’s costume store.

There are 350 costumes for the different actors, with 182 in each show.

“I love adjusting kids,” said Erica Desautels, Children’s Adjustment Coordinator. “It’s really fun. It’s really tiring.

Desautels’ work is more than a perfect fit: there are lessons to be taught.

“This is how a professional costume show works. This is how you should behave during fittings. That’s the way to behave in your costume, “she said.” I think the kids understand, once on the bridge, behind the scenes, they understand the gravity of what’s going on. . “

No detail is overlooked, which includes a bit of theatrical magic, and the 12-person team take great pride in their craft.

It’s the team’s attention to detail that brings “The Nutcracker” to life, and their months of hard work culminate when the curtain rises.

“It’s sure relieving to say ‘Oh, that’s great, we did it. Great job everyone,’ said Desautels.

Over 2,000 meters of netting and tulle and 200,000 jewels were used to make the costumes.

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