The Masked Singer contestant takes off his mask and reveals a far more gruesome Rudy Giuliani costume underneath


We swear to God, this was the least flattering photo of the man we could find.

fox The Masked Singer is not – despite his occasional fondness for mangled mecha-owls, wide eyed hell babies, and a taco costume that still haunts our dreams – a horror show. The allure of the reality series is meant to be simple fun, that is, watching someone in an elaborate costume dance and sing on national television, then take off their mask to reveal [insert most famous person the show’s producers could get to dress up like a giant lizard here].

Surely you’re not supposed to be more horrified by the face below the mask, right?

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That is to say: Deadline reports tonight this former mayor of New York, former lawyer for the Trump administration and former spokesperson for Four Seasons Total Landscaping Rudy Giuliani was apparently outed in an unaired episode of The Masked Singer tonight, prompting hosts Ken Jeong and Robin Thicke to walk away from the film set in protest.

And though we never voluntarily turn to, say, Robin Thicke as Arbiter of Moral GoodGiuliani’s appearance in the series follows a certain tendency for his “celebrity” choices – coming as he does a few years after the bizarre show of watch Sarah Palin (as “The Bear”) serenade the nation she once hoped to lead with a rendition of “Baby Got Back.”

Now we never in a million years would have accused The Masked Singer to have a political bent, an allegation that would rest on the assumption that the show has a moral philosophy, period. Rather, it’s that the show doesn’t seem to recognize the “political personality” as a distinct class of celebrity in the first place, or distinguish it from, say, “the former member of the Backstreet Boys.” From the show’s perspective, this is all just a big bucket of recognizable characters, labeled “Famous!”, and then poured into a jellyfish costume.

But Giuliani is remarkable because of his active efforts to change the American political system, most recently as a prominent (though also decidedly incompetent) participant in the Trump campaign’s efforts to skew the 2020 election results in their favor. And, therefore, in the eyes of many right-thinking people (and also Robin Thicke, apparently), an active element in an attempt to overthrow the democratic process. At this point, no matter how good his rendition of “My Way” is or how silly he looks in a bling-out gorilla costume – his presence on the show can only be interpreted as an endorsement. of the practice of treating his fame as the most important factor about him, rather than his actions or beliefs.

Deadline did not reveal what costume Giuliani was wearing, or when his episode is likely to air; Fox reportedly did not respond to a request for comment on the choice.

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