Tulip Time revives Dutch Costume Resale, other community favorites


HOLLAND – Don’t worry, Dutch costume resale is back this year.

The long-running resale joined the lineup of Tulip Time events this month after community members looking to buy and sell costumes approached festival organizers.

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“Honestly, this all happened in the last three weeks,” said Gwen Auwerda, executive director of Tulip Time. “Holland Area Newcomers ran this sale for over 60 years, but told us last fall that they no longer did.

“We really didn’t think of the huge loss it would be for the community, but there are ladies who have sewn over 100 costumes for children and this is the only place they can sell them. So, we decided to take it.”

Details are still being worked out, Auwerda said, as organizers learn from the process refined by the Holland Newcomers.

“I know, for the past few years, people have been queuing for over an hour, because they haven’t let everyone step in and start pulling things off the shelves,” Auwerda said. “We will try to understand this process in the next two weeks.”

The Tulip Time Kinderparade, or children's parade, is back for Tulip Time 2022.

Costumes must be dropped off at the Tulip Time offices – 42 W. Eighth St. – between noon and 6 p.m. on Tuesday, April 19.

Suits must be freshly laundered, on a metal hanger and in good condition. Sellers set the price, but there is a $5 handling fee for each costume whether the item is sold or not. The fee covers the expenses of holding the resale event.

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Purchases can be made from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Wednesday, April 20 at the Holland Civic Center. Customers should note that costumes available for resale are do not Approved for Dutch dancing, but is often used by families participating in street cleaning and other photo ops.

Other festival favorites include a pre-festival tulip sale, the popular midway carnival, flower arranging lessons and photo walks.

“We held the potted tulip sale last year and it was a huge success,” Auwerda said. “You can order online and it’s a drive-thru. It’s a great way to have beautiful tulips in your home. We have over 2,500 pots for sale. We sold them all last year. “

Each pot will contain 10 tulip bulbs that will bloom in a surprise color. Jars can be purchased at tuliptime.com until April 21.

With Tulip Time 2022 fast approaching, organizers are hosting a Dutch costume resale event for those looking to buy or sell themed clothing.  Costumes are not approved for Dutch Dance.

The Tulip Time Carnival, meanwhile, will return with its full lineup of rides, games, attractions and festival food at the Holland Civic Center.

“This festival is literally around the corner for us,” Auwerda said. “I really recommend that you buy your tickets now for events and attractions. We have timed tickets, not just because of COVID, but also for limited capacity. There are a lot of great things happening and I know that everything the world is excited.”

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