Turkish ballet provides training for North Macedonian state artists


He has performed on the world stage as a ballet dancer for many years and now represents his country, Turkey, abroad as a teacher. This artist is none other than Bahri Gürcan, former head ballet dancer of the Ankara State Opera and Ballet (ADOB). After having trained young ballerinas and ballets at the invitation of François Mauduit, artistic director of La Junior Company – one of the most important ballet companies in France – Gürcan is now training dancers in North Macedonia recently.

Bahri Gürcan has already trained French dancers on November 13, 2019 (AA Photo)

The artist told Anadolu Agency (AA) that he established a dance school in the Turkish capital of Ankara in 2007 and discovered talented children. Her decision to open a school came after dancing abroad for many years.

But Gürcan is now in North Macedonia to perfect his international career as a dance teacher. “I came here to represent Turkish ballet. It is really good that a Turkish ballet artist comes to teach the North Macedonian State Ballet. Previously, I gave lectures in France and in various other countries, ”he said.

Gürcan said he took part in a ballet competition in North Macedonia as a member of the jury on November 20. There were 120 dancers from all over the world competing, as well as two dancers from Turkey. Young Turkish ballet dancers won first and second place in the Skopje competition.

An artist pictured during a lesson by Bahri Gürcan in North Macedonia, November 23, 2021 (AA Photo)

Artists photographed during a lesson by Bahri Gürcan in North Macedonia, November 23, 2021 (AA Photo)

Nilay Tahiroğlu placed first in the International Dance Competition called Stage 2021. “Everything is going very well. We came here to compete. I came first. I am happy, it was a good competition,” said Tahiroğlu who has been doing ballet for nine years.

Finalist Beril Ada Özdemir said she had been interested in ballet for seven years. “It is very pleasant for me to come here. It is an honor for me to work with Professor Bahri. I am very happy to receive the second medal of this competition,” she said.

Gürcan has recently started giving “master class” courses to artists of the North Macedonian State Ballet. Gürcan wants the training he will provide to be a good initiative for deeper cooperation between North Macedonia and Turkey in the arts. “North Macedonian artists can come to Turkey to dance and give lessons. In this way, artistic cooperation between the two countries can increase considerably.

Artists photographed during a lesson by Bahri Gürcan in North Macedonia, November 23, 2021 (AA Photo)

Artists photographed during a lesson by Bahri Gürcan in North Macedonia, November 23, 2021 (AA Photo)

Great interest in ballet

Gürcan stressed that the Turkish ballet is trying to create its own school, and those in charge are engaged in very serious work. “I think the lessons of a Turkish school dancer will make a big contribution to North Macedonia,” he said.

Gürcan explained that there are six operas and six dance companies in Turkey. “There are several conservatories and private schools. Ballet is also arousing great interest in Turkey. After all, dance is an art form that is part of the culture of all societies. Ballet is at the top because it is a universal art. It contributes to the culture and music of our country. With serious studies in our country, the art of ballet reached an important point. Now it’s time to open up to the world, ”he said.

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