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The Western Justice Center (WJC) trains local residents in a new approach to public safety in schools.

According to a statement on Monday, the ABCs of conflict will leave behind old patterns of punishment and isolation in order to foster healing, growth and transformation.

ABCs of Conflict was created to support educational changemakers looking for tools and a community to help them shape the future of their school environment.

The one-year professional development training in the theory and practice of conflict resolution education is designed specifically for teachers, counselors, administrators, school board members, after-school providers, school leaders parent-teacher organizations and other youth development professionals who work with K-12 students.

“The ABCs of Conflict is a game-changer for educators who want to understand how conflict resolution education and restorative practices can transform the ways in which

school communities address traditional disciplinary practices. Educators will learn new skills and techniques that they can take with them and put into practice immediately,” said program director Shane Gatlin.

The course begins with a 4-day training in June where you will learn how to create and maintain a student-led peer mediation program; how to deal with implicit bias, bullying and intergroup conflict on your campus; and how to use restorative justice practices in your school.

“Last year I attended WJC’s ABCs of Conflict training and was immediately drawn to their holistic approach to youth development,” said Barbara Avendano, special education teacher at the Unified School District. from Azusa. “This training has reinforced the importance of social and emotional learning for our young people. I believe we would pave the way to a brighter future if all students were given the tools they need to understand their emotions, identify their needs, and resolve conflicts peacefully.

The training will be offered in two separate sessions in June. One session from June 20 to 23 and the second from June 27 to 30. Training hours are 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. each day at WJC Headquarters at The Maxwell House at 55 S. Grand Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91105.

ABCs of Conflict continues with additional training sessions in the 2022-2023 school year that are designed to help you create effective strategies for initiating and/or expanding restorative practices and peer mediation programs in your school.

Conflict ABC is open to educators, counsellors, administrators, after-school program leaders, school board members, students, and others interested in bringing conflict resolution education to their school communities.

“My experience working directly in schools has taught me that student engagement is the most powerful tool for real change to happen on campus. As a result, we invite students to attend the ABCs of conflict to become advocates for peer mediation and conflict resolution programs,” shares CJM program coordinator Arturo Magaña.

General registration costs $75.00. The registration of the students present will be cancelled. Educators working at LAUSD have the opportunity to earn a salary point through this training. For more information and to register, please visit: https://www.westernjustice.org/programregistration

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