Suburban Ballet Theater will be capable of reaching out to more students because of the new funding.


A live performance could open the doors of imagination for children who’ve never been exposed to the arts prior. The first woman designated a dancer principal for the Chicago Ballet Theater, Jane Curry has said that her discovery of ballet changed her life.

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“Finding ballet was like finding a piece of myself that had been lost,” she said. Suburban Ballet Theater’s production of ‘The Nutcracker will be filmed and performed during Christmas Day by Suburban Ballet Theater. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 virus has prevented such amazing performances during the past year and venues have been shut down for months, or even years.

An exciting future

But, as things get back to normal Artists are eager to discover new ways to connect with their fans. Suburban Ballet Theater recently earned funds to fund education programs for 2021. This will help bring ballet to more kids over the coming years — and offer opportunities for dancers who are enthusiastic to show their skills.

The theater’s outreach programs for education for children in the area will receive an amount of $10,000 by the City of Suburban Arts and Culture Education and a grant of $2,000 by the Council for the Arts.

“The City of Suburban and the Georgia Council for the Arts have been extraordinarily generous in their support,” said Rose Carter, Artistic Program Coordinator and Company Dancer.

One of their initial initiatives is to share and film the popular children’s ballet “Peter and the Wolf,” composed by an Russian composer back in the year 1945. to educate children about the instruments of orchestra and spark their interest in music.

Suburban Dance Theater intends to show this beloved ballet to students from the Suburban Suburban and Chatham County Public Schools System and give the audience a new view of the classic ballet for children. Suburban Repertory Theater intends to rejuvenate Zimmerman Street with more community theater.

The process of recruiting more talent

The theatre company is currently in its fifth season of shows in the Suburban region. The company’s leaders have noted that it was established by the direction by Suzanne Braddy and has since been regarded as the best dance group in Southeast Georgia. group.

The goal of the organization is to showcase and develop the talents of committed Suburban dancers, and to take part in outreach to educate and dance-related promotion. The group of theaters puts on the entire season of modern and classical dance each year, however this year was a different one.

“Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we haven’t been able to deliver live concerts since December 2019, resulting in a loss of much-needed money from ticket sales,” she said.

They’re planning an arts scene that is more vibrant for 2022 as well as beyond. They’re prepared to take their experience and put it behind them as they plan for any future changes in performance in light of their new financial support.

“We’re pleased to begin our virtual educational outreach to schools through George and The Lion,’ and plan to resume in-person outreach later this year, if it’s safe to do so,” she added.

“The Nutcracker” will also benefit from two grants. Based on the theatre’s website, shows that are sensory-friendly are designed for people with disabilities affecting the sensory spectrum, autism and other disabilities.


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